“Staci has been my angel.”

She feels that everything can be fixed or taken care of no matter what the issue is.

She understood exactly how very overwhelmed I am. She is one of the kindest, caring person who truly wants to help and not only help to organize one time she wants to make it a way of life so that you can make a change and live in a clutter free nice home.

In a short time it looked like I had new closets!

I very much look forward to working with Staci again and her words and advice stay in my head “Make time for you!” I am looking so forward to another intense organizing bootcamp to change my life for the better!

Ilene Feinman
Queens, New York

“Staci made a significant impact in our home and provided me with the tips to keep the process going after she left.”

“As a mom of two children, who also works fulltime and living in my home for many years I thought I could use some tips to help organize. So when the opportunity to bid on Staci’s services at a charity auction came up I wanted to win it.

I did the seasonal purging of clothes and occasional organizing of kids rooms, or so I thought.

Staci is passionate about what she does and is a warm and generous person. While my intent was too focus on getting my kids rooms organized, Staci worked additional hours working with me on my closet. She was able to help me organize my closet and assist me with clothing ideas. She also has a great feel for fashion.

Staci continues to follow up with me to see how I am doing and I truly appreciate her and her talents.

Staci was my coach and even got the kids to appreciate and understand how to keep the reorganization of their rooms in order.

The kids were excited to see the transition – we moved things around, got rid of unnecessary furniture and clutter to make room for a future desk. Staci even got my 11 year old daughter involved who then sorted thru a ton of her stuff that we either donated or tossed. My daughter still talks about that day as a great experience.

Thanks, Beth
Rockland County, NY

“Staci was amazing – she came in and knew exactly what I needed to make my life easier just by looking around. “

No issue is too small, and no concern is too insignificant – Staci thinks of everything and takes care of things even before you have a chance to ask! She is truly a life saver and a sweetheart on top of it!

 She is caring and compassionate, and truly invested in helping her clients get more organized and thus be happier and more comfortable in their homes.
Staci goes above and beyond, and her work is meticulous and shows her attention to detail.
Carly Snyder
New York, NY

 “…a few months after her services, my closets are still streamlined, organized and looking good!”

I didn’t even  know I needed Staci’s help until I had it.

I had been meaning to de-clutter and straighten my closets for a while, but making an appointment with Staci forced me to set aside the time.

She acted as a coach during the purge/straightening, giving an outsider’s perspective (and reality-check) when I wanted to hang on to something that’s ultimately  unimportant and taking up space.

Her ideas for organizing and making my closets more efficient were helpful things I wouldn’t have come up with on my own.  Her knowledge extends way past organizing closets as well.  She had great tips on cleaning products and other household products/items to help streamline life a bit – products I’ve now switched to using on a regular basis.

And, a few months after her services, my closets are still streamlined, organized and looking good!

Tara Cox
New York, NY
Men’s Journal/ 
Managing Editor at Wenner Media

“Staci inspired me…and with her lead I wasn’t as overwhelmed”

Being a single mom of two and with a child of special needs who works full time I don’t have a lot of time to get systems set up in the house and organized.

Staci helped show me that it wouldn’t take a long time and just to break it down. So little by little I have been breaking it down, reorganizing, sorting and getting rid of the junk.

Staci inspired me and showed me the right way. With her lead I wasn’t as overwhelmed going through the papers and such. My house is in order and I plan to keep it that way. Thank you Staci for showing me that I could do it and for giving me the courage to do it.

Laurie Tobin Molina
Edgewater, New Jersey

“The amount of time and energy Staci has saved me is invaluable and I would highly recommend you to hire her for organizational and life style skills.”

With a husband, 3 children, and a dog, keeping track of everything that ends up on my desk is something I never thought was possible. When Staci arrived, she took a look at my office for a few minutes, and said two words. Trust me.

I pride myself in being an organized person, but establishing an efficient system of how to run an office truly takes talent.

While I did trust her, I couldn’t help but be a little skeptical that what she was doing would really work. However, at this point I had nothing to lose and was willing to hear any suggestions.

But would it really stay that way? Was I just hopeless?

I had school forms, business plans, bills, kids birthday party invites, etc. all mixed in one pile or should I say piles. Even though I’m neat, and have a filing cabinet, I still ended up frustrated because I didn’t know how to manage all the incoming paper.

Plus, keeping track of my kids activities is a job in itself.

It’s been over a year now and I must say, Staci was right when she said, “Once you get used to the new simple system, you will never go back.”

I’m so grateful to Staci Krell for taking the journey from NYC to my office on Long Island to establish an efficient working system for my office that keeps on working.

Josephine Geraci
Long Island, New York

 “It Was a Life-Changing Experience”

Staci always gets the job done. 

Staci is not only the most organized person I know but the kindest most loving soul I have ever known.

Please take my word for it – working with Staci is a life changing experience.

Stacey P,
New York, NY

“Initially I was hesitant to bring in a personal organizer…”

The problem was that I had no time to get a game plan together in how to attack the piles of papers and file folders covering my desk and floor!

Initially I was hesitant to bring in a personal organizer who didn’t really know me or my office preferences, but once I committed to giving it a shot, I was thrilled that I chose Staci!

Staci Krell’s personal organizing assistance was a godsend to me!

I am a full time Realtor having an extremely active but hectic year, and subsequently, my home office had suffered.

Staci was sure to listen to my priorities and how my daily activities fit together, and she came up with numerous ideas that I have implemented that have improved my daily productivity dramatically!

Not only does she find solutions for your problems, but she makes it a pleasant experience along the way !

In addition, when you work with Staci, you can clearly tell that she loves her job, and cares about her clients and the end result.

I view personal organizers very differently now after working with Staci, and I would recommend her service to anyone looking to better manage their daily activities!

Sheldon NealMaywood, New Jersey
Real Estate Agent, Remax

 “Staci created a ‘system’ that I could follow…& I’ve never been more grateful”

I met Staci at a networking event, and even though I’d previously worked with two other “organizers”, I immediately had a good feeling about her and made an appointment for Staci to meet with us (me and my stuff!)

Staci guided me as I looked through all the papers in my files, piles of magazines, and all manner of paper scraps – letting go of things by myself, without pressure.

It was easier than I ever remember, and she was there to provide a completely new structure for maintaining clarity going forward.

We reorganized my files à la Staci, and I’ve never been more grateful.

It was a challenging day, but truly unforgettable.  I was really ready to make a change in my life and free up my energy.

Not only did I learn a lot that day, but I removed at least 8 garbage bags of paper to the recycling bin!

I’m still not as perfect as Staci, but I’ve come light years from where I was.

I am no longer stuck, because Staci taught me a lasting approach to thinking about my belongings.  What I learned about paper, I have been able to apply to the rest of my home.

Thank you and many blessings you, Staci.

Robyn RubensteinSmall Business Owner
New York, NY