Overwhelmed with life?


Feeling Stressed?

Sometimes getting out of bed can be an effort when you’re going through a tough time. (Believe me, I understand!)

And you’re probably harder & expect more from yourself than you should.

Putting a brave face forward can be a challenge, especially when you couldn’t care less about anything, and you’ve neglected even the simplest of beauty routines – a manicure.

Sometimes we need to take baby steps to get back on track and gain back our life again.

Try something as simple as a manicure with super glittery polish. It will remind you that you’re life will sparkle again. Even if it takes time.

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone is going through “something”- An illness, grieving a loss, divorce, etc.

Don’t let some decisions or experiences subconsciously define you.

Even though you can’t turn back time, every single day is a new slate.

No matter how many times you have to erase it & start over. We’ve ALL been there.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is going forward, and how you live your life and look at yourself now. Never ever let someone or anything define you.

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